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Combat Blindness International: Eliminating Preventable Blindness

At Combat Blindness International, our mission is to eliminate preventable blindness worldwide by providing sustainable, equitable solutions for sight through partnerships and innovation.

Elimination & Prevention

90% of blindness is preventable. Between cataract surgeries, screenings, providing glasses and providing medical supplies, we try to treat preventable blindness in all ages across the world. Through these treatments, we can not only directly affect an individual’s life, but impact their family and their community, as well.

Building Capacity and Infrastructure

We believe in the saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” CBI goes a step beyond simply providing surgeries. We work with our partners to develop sustainable solutions to their specific problems and provide them with the tools, knowledge, and infrastructure to operate independently. A higher capacity means more people can get the treatment they need.

International Cataract Program

For $25, you provide a 20-minute cataract surgery that allows a person to see again within 24 hours. This is the power of our mission in action.


We support screenings, glasses and surgeries because we believe that each child should receive the same educational and life opportunities as their peers.

Certified Ophthalmic Paramedic Program

CBI supports the training of young women in India to become Certified Ophthalmic Paramedics and empowers them with education, financial stability and life skills.

Eye Care

We support the establishment of hospitals and clinics in areas where the need is greatest. When you increase capacity, you are better equipped to administer eye care to everyone, everywhere.

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