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Sabino’s Story

Sabino’s Story

We’ve touched many lives through the work we do at Combat Blindness International. We chose to tell the story of Sabino, a boy from Paraguay, in pictures.



Sabino sitting on his brother's lap before surgery

Sabino had been blind since birth, due to congenital cataracts. He and his brother live in extreme poverty in Asunción, Paraguay.


Sabino before surgery

In 2013, they became orphans. A heart attack claimed their father, and, just 8 months later, their mother fell victim to breast cancer.


Sabino before surgery

Luckily, their neighborhood was there to help them. Their neighbors and family friends reached out to Combat Blindness International’s partners at Fundación Visión about Sabino’s situation.


Sabino getting his bandage removed after surgery

Fundación Visión was able to provide Sabino with the simple cataract surgery needed to restore his sight, free of charge.


Sabino smiling after surgery

Sabino and his brother now have newfound light in their lives. Sabino can see just like any other boy his age, just like his brother.


Sabino playing on playground

Having always dreamt of attending school with the other children in his neighborhood, Sabino now has that chance… He enrolled in school in February of 2014.

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