Women's Eye Exam

Maya Devi

Strength and courage are two words that can be used to describe Maya Devi. At 60-years-old, Maya had been living with her family in poor conditions with diminishing vision. She only began to notice her vision slowly fade when cooking and housekeeping tasks became hard to complete. Eventually, her vision became much more severely impaired, but it didn’t stop Maya.

Maya refused to let her vision problems make her dependent on others. She continued to go about her daily life and found ways to complete her daily housework tasks without the use of her vision. Although times were tough, she never gave up. When her family made it clear that it wasn’t financially possible for them for her to get treated, she pushed forward, figuring out how to live with her vision impairment independently. Maya continued to struggle with her vision until the day she met a volunteer for Combat Blindness International who offered her information on the Sitapur Eye Hospital.

At the Sitapur Eye Hospital, Maya was registered for a free eye exam and informed that she could be operated on to repair her lost vision. The doctors performed surgery on her eyes the very next day. Maya was able to regain her vision and return home back to a normal life of cooking and completing housework tasks with ease. One month later she returned for a follow-up appointment and was given eyeglass to take home with her. Maya Devi was determined to combat her vision impairment and never gave up hope that she would see again. Thanks to the help of Combat Blindness International and the work performed at the Sitapur Eye Hospital, her future looks bright!

Check out her before and after pictures below.

Maya Debi Before


Maya Devi After



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