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Despite COVID, Our Mission Continues

Helping the Blind During COVID

Despite COVID, Our Mission Continues

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Curing blindness in India, one person at a time.

Ram Yadab’s cataract made him dependent on others. But you helped restore his vision, and his independence.

Imagine losing your vision during a frightening pandemic, but you didn’t have the money or support to get treatment.

That was the case for Ram Yadab, a dairy farmer in Jurudi, India. After his vision gradually diminished over the past year, his grandson took him to the Bijayananda Patnaik Eye Center in Keonjhar, co-founded by CBI. Cataract surgery at the Center in May 2020 restored Ram’s vision – and his independence.

The COVID pandemic has put a tremendous strain on our partners’ efforts to treat people like Ram Yadab. And yet, they are prevailing via phased re-openings, innovative safety protocols, and smart new screening and treatment procedures.

In the face of COVID, CBI is more committed than ever to offering equitable access to eye care for all. And your generosity makes that possible. Thank you!

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