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Amrun Nisha And Daughter

Amrun Nisha

Through CBI’s partnership with Sitapur Eye Hospital, men, women and children from rural areas of India are able to have a chance at sight. Recently, in partnership with Sitapur Eye Hospital, Combat Blindness International was able to restore sight to…

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Rani And Her Family


60 years old Rani has a family of four daughters and one son, all married. She lost her husband long back, currently she is living with her son, daughter in law and one grandson. Her son is a small time…

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Picture Of Muna

Munna’s Story

Usually, babies learn to walk by falling every now and then; young Munna’s parents also thought that his falling was natural when he started learning to walk. One day while walking though, he almost injured himself against a wall; that’s when…

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Women's Eye Exam

Maya Devi

Strength and courage are two words that can be used to describe Maya Devi. At 60-years-old, Maya had been living with her family in poor conditions with diminishing vision. She only began to notice her vision slowly fade when cooking…

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Young Boy Balite And His Father Smiling

Balite’s Story

Balite and his son visited the eye clinic operated by Haiti Medical Missions of Wisconsin three days in a row. On the first day, Balite walked for miles into the town of Thiotte, where the clinic was, led the entire way by…

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