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A Better World with CBI

In celebration of Combat Blindness International’s 35th anniversary, we’re looking back at CBI’s impact in alleviating avoidable blindness. Since 1984, Combat Blindness International has worked to eliminate preventable blindness worldwide by providing sustainable, equitable solutions for sight through partnership and…

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Certified Ophthalmic Personnel Program

International Women’s Day and COPs

Combat Blindness International is committed to improving women’s equity in the world through initiatives like the Certified Ophthalmic Personnel Program. We are thrilled that we have the opportunity to help women grow. In honor of International Women’s Day, we have…

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Dr. Shroff's Team At The Beginning Of A Cataract Mission

Inside a Cataract Mission

Check out the itinerary for the second, of six, cataract missions to Botswana, as part of the Bring Sight to Botswana program undertaken by Combat Blindness International, Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital (SCEH), and a number of other partners. As…

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Group Photo Of The Women In The COP Program

Enlightening Women Through Ophthalmic Careers

Jyotirgamaya means “Towards Enlightenment” in Hindi, and that is what the students call the Certified Ophthalmic Personnel (COP) program at Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital (SCEH) in New Delhi, India. This program is addressing one of the largest problems in…

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Combat Blindness International: Then and Now

Back in 1984, I had a life changing experience during one of my visits to India. Traveling to perform a complex retinal surgery, I witnessed a waiting room filled with patients awaiting cataract surgeries. Upon leaving my operating theater (3…

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