What is the benefit of restoring someone’s sight?

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  • 1.What is the benefit of restoring someone’s sight?

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  1. Restoring someone’s sight allows them to rejoin their community, which benefits the individual and the community.

  2. Restoring someone’s sight allows them to step out of the darkness and back into the role of supporting their families

  3. The benefit of restoring the eye sight of someone is far more than meets the eye, not only are you improving the life of that person but you improving the lives of others than enjoy his pretense including family and friends, which in turn will allow them to bond over activities they may have not been able to do before. Like Andrew stated in his presentation about an older man that he helped recover his sight, the man in turn was able to see his grandchild for the first time. I find that truly amazing, and this quest that Andrew is on is nothing short of inspirational.

  4. Restoring a person’s vision helps far beyond the individual level. It can have an economic impact that frees up young children in developing countries from guiding their parents around which can allow them the opportunity to pursue an education. Restoring an individual’s vision also allows them the chance to become a member of their working society and can restore joy and happiness in someone’s life. It gives them a second chance to live how they were intended to.

  5. Restoring someone’s sight allows them to reengage in their community, which increase the community’s productivity itself. It gives direct impact to the patient and his/her family and indirectly to the community.

  6. There is a huge benefit to restoring someones sight. They can now see and interact with family and friends. They can become a productive member of society.

  7. When an individuals sight is restored, not only can they see again, but this also frees up the person that was previously watching over them. They can now operate and be self-sufficient, which means they are now allowed to contribute to their community. In most cases when someone is blind they need another person to look after them and guide them around the village, these individuals are normally young children. After a person’s vision is restored this allows the child to go back to school and learn, which will later prove to be a benefit to the community and the local economy. So with every successful surgery completed, two people are returning to the village and contributing to everyday society.

  8. The restoration of such a critical sense has many compounding benefits on both a personal and community level. On the individual level a person can now fully experience life, and is freed from the essential prison blindness can create; I cannot comprehend the boost in morale having vison restored would have. For the community, the individual is no longer a burden and is free to contribute with a revived vigor.

  9. The fact that most of the eye sight problems presented in these remote locations are easily detectable and treatable with the right available care. Restoring someone’s eye sight can not only help benefit the individual with reconnecting with them with their families a go back to their daily lives with ease, but also it helps the society become fully functional again.

  10. Once someone is cured of their blindness, it opens them back up to the world and their community again. The patient most likely had a guardian to help them get through day to day activities which is no longer needed. Also, the patient is now able to contribute to the community socially and economically. Sight is such a crucial sense to have. To think that 80% of blindness could be cured and yet most of that 80% is still blind is ridiculous.

  11. Restoring someone’s sight gives that person a better sense of self. They are no longer limited by there blindness and can now enjoy the beauty of sight that they have been missing. It brings gratitude to the individual and makes them appreciate something they once either lost or never had. It allows them to see there friends and family and feel apart of their community even more.

  12. They are incredible benefits to restoring eye sight to people across the globe, as Andrew discussed 90% of blindness is in under-developed societies. Restoring blindness to adults and children alike can greatly increase the quality of living in these contries. Young children will not be responsible for caring for there elderly or parents, and will have the chance to get the education they deserve. Adults with the ability to see again, hopefully, can return to work and provide for their families. A simple procedure that has saved countless people eyesight in developed societies needs to become readily available in underpriviledged societies for them to begin to climb out of poverty and eventually function efficiently in our global economy.

  13. Restoring someone’s sight reopens their opportunities and ability to function in everyday society. Seeing their loved ones once again has to be an amazing experience that will leave them grateful for the rest of their lives. I would imagine their motivation to help others would only be strengthened, and hopefully they in turn change the world like theirs was.

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