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Balite’s Story

Balite’s Story

Balite and his son visited the eye clinic operated by Haiti Medical Missions of Wisconsin three days in a row. On the first day, Balite walked for miles into the town of Thiotte, where the clinic was, led the entire way by his son “D.” Upon arrival Balite was screened to find the cause of his blindness. It was discovered that he was suffering from both glaucoma and cataract. Glaucoma had taken the vision from one of his eyes and cataract in the other.

He underwent a surgery to correct the cataract in his one eye the next day. Being his father’s guide, D had a very close relationship to his father, likely spending the majority of every day with him since he had gone blind. Naturally, while Balite was in surgery, his son was visibly nervous. CBI’s Executive Director, Melissa Kuecker Witte, was honored to spend that time with him and comfort him. She explained to him that his father was safe and that the surgery was simple.

The following day, the clinic followed up with Balite. After being led back to the clinic by his son, his bandages were removed and Balite was able to see D for the first time since going blind.

“We didn’t know how long it had been since Balite had seen his son, but his eye shone when he was finally able to” – Melissa Kuecker Witte 

Balite’s glaucoma was very advanced, so he was not able to fully regain sight, but he still has vastly improved vision. He has regained much of his independence and most importantly, he can see his son again!

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