Wisconsin Lions Al Greco Memorial Fund


Our friend Al Greco passed away on June 12 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison. Al Greco was a wonderful family man who gave his energy to supporting Combat Blindness International, the Lions Club and the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science at the University of Wisconsin. Over 15 years, Al spent a day a week volunteering at Freeport Memorial Hospital in Freeport, Il with CBI founder Suresh Chandra, and board member Michael Altaweel, totaling over 5,000 hours. As a long-time member of the Lions Club and President of the Cottage Grove Chapter, Al advocated for CBI. He convinced every member in his chapter to save the sight of one person in the developing world per year. He attended district conventions to share this idea with fellow Lions.

We are honored that Al’s family has created his Memorial fund with CBI. Donations will be used to cure preventable blindness in the developing world, with every $25 allowing a cataract surgery at our projects sights in India, Botswana, Kenya, and Paraguay. Al’s memorial fund will serve as a model for our work with the Wisconsin Lions Clubs to have each Lions Club member support a cataract surgery per year. Together we can save sight for thousands of people in need and honor our friend Al Greco.

Al Greco with his Melvin Jones Fellow plaque.
Woman with cataract during eye exam

For $25 you can give the gift of sight to one person in a developing country with a life changing cataract surgery.

Young girl leads women after cataract surgeries

The economic impact of curing blindness is incredible, freeing the person to work and look after themselves, and freeing their family caregivers to pursue education or work.

Esna, a teacher from Botswana who was able to enjoy her love for reading again after cataract surgery

Together we can eliminate preventable blindness in countries that have a lack of qualified eye care professionals. With your help, we have improved the infrastructure, brought in surgical teams and are on our way to achieve this goal in Botswana.


CBI also works to empower women in the workforce, provide education and foster the creation of sustainable models of eye care. Learn more about the COP program.